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Celebrating 50 years of organ donation and kidney transplant excellence in Manitoba

As the 60’s began to fade, new hope arrived for Manitobans waiting for the gift of a functioning kidney. In November 1969, the team at the Winnipeg General Hospital (now HSC Winnipeg) successfully performed the province’s first renal transplant.

“It was an incredible first step and one that set us on a path leading to significant contributions in kidney disease research and transplantation practices worldwide,” said Dr. Peter Nickerson, medical director, Transplant Manitoba. “That same effort and determination to begin a transplant program still drives us today because the need for kidneys in Manitoba is increasing.”

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Manitoba nears record for single day organ and tissue donor registration

Generosity of Manitobans prompts spike in registrations at Sign Up for Life

1,206 Manitobans registered as organ and tissue donors following yesterday’s announcement of the province’s move to an online registry. The response is the second highest spike in registrations experienced since was launched.

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