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Baby Hudson was the first NICU patient to move to the new facility at 665 William Avenue.

Born on November 15, 2019 at 4:47 p.m., weighing one pound 2 ounces, baby Hudson was born at 25 weeks. He was admitted to the former Yellow Deer NICU, and his parents were notified of the move to the new building from the first day they arrived to HSC Winnipeg.

“The staff gave us plenty of notice about the move, and we were welcome to come along. They always let us know of Hudson’s condition throughout the transfer and explained what we could expect every step of the way. It was a seamless move,” said David, baby Hudson’s father.

Baby Hudson arrived to the new building at 8:09 a.m. on December 1. David recalls the former Yellow Deer NICU was cramped and too loud for his premature baby. While mom was recovering at the former facility at 735 Notre Dame Avenue, David pushed her in a wheelchair through the underground tunnels so she could visit Hudson every day. Previously, our NICUs were distributed in three locations across the HSC campus — almost half a kilometre apart from the women’s inpatient units.

“This new NICU is an amazing and much quieter space for him. We are really impressed with the private rooms and family spaces throughout the floor. It makes a world of difference for us to be able to sleep, eat and shower here, and remain close by at all times,” said David.

In NICU, each baby has its own dedicated family space. Every baby has a private room with a pullout sofa bed for overnight stays, and a fridge to store breast milk or food from home. Bedding is provided by the unit and showers are also nearby on the same floor. A family zone near the pods offer lockers, play areas, a TV, a kitchen, and a breast pumping room. The nurse can monitor each baby’s movement at all times through a closed-circuit camera over the baby’s face.

There are 5 patient pods, all essentially the same layout, with 12 babies per pod (8 single rooms and 2 double rooms per pod).

“The NICU nurses have been extremely supportive. Thank you to the entire medical team for taking care of our baby. For them, this is not just a job, it’s their passion — the teams here make us feel like they love our baby as much as we do,” said David.

More information about the move to the new HSC Winnipeg Women’s Hospital is available on Instagram (@hsc_winnipeg).