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180 staff and volunteers supported the move of patients, equipment over four hours on December 1

HSC Winnipeg officially opened the doors of its new Women’s Hospital at 665 William Ave on Sunday, Dec. 1, as 93 women and babies were transitioned to the new space in a carefully planned and choreographed move from the Women’s Pavilion and three Neonatal Intensive Care Units, announced HSC Winnipeg Chief Nursing Officer Monika Warren today.

“Over the course of just four hours, more than 180 staff and volunteers transitioned existing patients and welcomed new families as we marked First Patient Day at the new Women’s Hospital,” said Warren. “Each patient was transferred individually by our skilled and professional employees in a well-organized sequence using our underground tunnels and new staff skywalk.”

First Patient Day also welcomed more than 21 new patients, including two babies born in the new space after doors opened at 7:30 a.m., following the official close of the Women’s Pavilion at 735 Notre Dame Ave.

“This beautiful new facility will house the staff, physicians and equipment that provide Manitoba women and babies with the same high-quality, patient-centred care they always have. Now, they are just delivering that care in a space designed to offer patients and their families more privacy and comfort,” added Warren.

Prior to the move, staff in Women’s Health (Labour and Delivery and Recovery-Post Partum) and Neonatal Intensive Care Units had begun to work within new models of care and participated in training and familiarization sessions within their new space. This allowed for a seamless transition to the new environment.

The new Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) brings together three geographically dispersed NICUs into a combined 60-bed multi-acuity unit. The design offers an enhanced family focus, including private patient rooms, different play spaces for siblings, a kitchen area, as well as a room available for family celebrations that’s equipped with the technology so baby can be included.

Families of NICU patients, like baby Hudson, born at 25 weeks, are now able to stay closer together without the need to travel almost half a kilometer from where mom recovers to visit. Baby Hudson was the first NICU patient transferred to the new facility.

“This new NICU is an amazing and much quieter space for him. We are really impressed with the private rooms and family spaces throughout the floor. It makes a world of difference for us to be able to sleep, eat and shower here, and remain close by at all times,” said baby Hudson’s father, David.

Out-patient clinics and day surgeries began in their new locations on Dec. 2.

The patient move was carefully planned and choreographed by integrated patient care teams, with the help of the Canadian-based and internationally recognized company, Health Care Relocations (HCR).

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